The Levels – second painting day at Moorlinch

We didn’t choose our weather well! More of a wash-out than the Bridgwater day, but we had fun (didn’t we?)!

We came and went from the church hall at various times. The photo shows a selection of artists and art, and it’s looking good for an interesting Bridgwater and the Levels Exhibition in September. DSCF3810 cropped


Raindrops keep falling on my subjects……..

DSCF3797 croppedDSCF3802 resized



And my palette…..

DSCF3803 resized


Richard had a practical and colourful  solution to keeping dry…..

DSCF3804 cropped



Don’t forget you can still paint your version of the Levels – or Bridgwater!

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4 Responses to The Levels – second painting day at Moorlinch

  1. carolesart2013 says:

    Having found a lovely spot to work from I am afraid I was a bit of a wimp and legged it just as the first shower came in by which time I was frozen and had eaten my sandwiches and had just about managed some colour washes. My first visit to the levels and I found the scenery very inspiring. Better outdoor gear will be a requirement for the future. Nice to see the work on display Carole

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  3. I have actually succeeded in creating a link from my own wordpress page to this so progress is being made and the network will gradually expand.

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