The Winner!

DSCF2936 resized Pat Morley - Bridgwater

And the winner of Chairman John Allen’s prize

Michael Tarr offers some artistic insights to Mayor Dave Loveridge

Michael Tarr offers some artistic insights to Mayor Dave Loveridge

is …Pat Preater with the picture chosen by invited artist Michael Tarr, a delightful watercolour of a wellknown Bridgwater scene: the Saturday comings and goings around the Blake Statue.

Michael found many paintings to admire as he guided the audience and the Mayor of Bridgwater around the gallery. His remarks should provide encouragement to all of us.

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3 Responses to The Winner!

  1. In Bath Society of Artists annual open show all members are guarenteed at least one pic in the show.Eight Members judge all works and hold up Yes or No cards. Majority of Yes votes means a picture is selected. In case of a Yes/No tie non- voting Chairperson decides in or out.Usually long serving members who are active in the society and well known get two or even three, works in the show.
    Chandos is a much smaller society with a smaller exhibition space at the Arts Centre

  2. Working hard and sincerely for the good of the society and promoting and encouraging art production should be rewarded.The dividing line between professional and amateur art…good and bad art is difficult to decide fairly in a society such as ours.

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