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Thanks to all those Chandos members who ‘follow’ this blog We’re creeping towards a score of people, so how about pitching in with your thoughts on how we go about deciding what goes on the walls in our exhibitions?

We used to have a system where new members were ‘associate’ members, becoming full members if they had work selected in 2 out of 3 Spring Exhibitions. We had an ‘unselected’ (except on grounds of space) exhibition later in the year. Full members had 2 pictures automatically hung each time

For the Bridgwater Art Challenge, since we invite members of the public to participate, we accept anything respectably presented.

We’ve fudged this question for a while. What do you think our policy should be? You may think that the function of the Society is to provide an opportunity for entrance fee-paying members to see their work hung regardless of ‘quality judgments’.

You may on the other hand feel that selection on quality grounds will raise standards and the reputation of the Society.  And conversely, a poor painting next to a better one – is that good or bad?

If you think we should be selective, be prepared to take part in a panel! If we have an independent person, we will probably have to pay them in some way.

I have been picking people’s brains for some while on the matter. It is something we should be clear on, one way or the other! So let us know what you think…



I have taken the liberty of moving Richard’s comments to this post. Thank you very much for your prompt response Richard!

Submitted on 2013/09/17 at 6:27 pm

Working hard and sincerely for the good of the society and promoting and encouraging art production should be rewarded.The dividing line between professional and amateur art…good and bad art is difficult to decide fairly in a society such as ours.

Richard Field
Submitted on 2013/09/17 at 6:21 pm

In Bath Society of Artists annual open show all members are guarenteed at least one pic in the show.Eight Members judge all works and hold up Yes or No cards. Majority of Yes votes means a picture is selected. In case of a Yes/No tie non- voting Chairperson decides in or out.Usually long serving members who are active in the society and well known get two or even three, works in the show.
Chandos is a much smaller society with a smaller exhibition space at the Arts Centre

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  1. Taste in Art is a very difficult concept to quantify. Visitors to our exhibitions at the Bridgwater Art Centre will be from all “walks” of society.Some visitors will know the works of Tiepolo or David Cox or Hobema or Hokusai.Some visitors will have no idea who these artists are or any knowledge or their genius.We hope, however that the viewers of our works will be able to recognise that the artist has drawn or painted honestly to the best of his or her ability. This is the value and integrity that we need from our member artists and in this way we will hope to share our vision with the patrons of our exhibitions.

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