June’s busting out

Some of our more long-established members will have missed the lovely pottery June used to put on sale at exhibitions. The fact is that she’s been unwell for a while now, although she did sell a painting at the Wells Cathedral Exhibition, but finds pottery too difficult.

I’ve been in touch with her at her care home, where she is determined to stay for as short a time as possible. I had a really spirited letter from her this week which deserves a wider audience:

‘I am writing back to assure you that I have been loosening the bars of my “prison”. I have strengthened my arms by doing simple exercises and can now open the very stiff loft doors without having to ring a bell for help to go up or down stairs. I have been shopping on my own in Sainsbury’s, partly to prove the House Manager wrong when he said I wouldn’t be able to cope…

Now I am very determined to get to Kilkenny (sheltered accommodation) because the managers want the place to become a Nursing Home with fully-qualified staff always there by day or night, and I really don’t want to live in that atmosphere…

I haven’t got a phone here, but (my daughter) is giving me a mobile for Christmas. The manager will take a message but if he tries to bring the receiver upstairs (I’m on the top floor) it usually cuts out on the way. We are only permitted to phone out to two family members who are listed on our care plans…

At present we are having a battle to get the central heating kept on more regularly. The carers say they are warm enough, but they are rushing around all day…The carers are (with just one exception) splendid friendly people…

This is not the sort of letter that you have to reply to – I just wanted you to know that there’s life and hope in the old Bitch yet!


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