AGM in disguise

Thanks to everyone who pitched up yesterday evening to make our Artistic Soiree (with added AGM) such a jolly occasion. Someone said it should be an annual event…well, you see the clue’s in the ‘A’ of AGM!

2014 AGM 1

Thanks particularly to those noble souls who stuck their necks out to a greater or lesser extent and volunteered to be part of the team in one form or another.

I don’t know what the non-members were doing in the other room while we had our meeting but it sounded fun. And thanks to you all for being in some cases co-erced into artistic fun and games.

Things we learned: Leaonardo da Vinci invented high Heels; one of Rodin’s sculptures was so lifelke that members of the public thought he must have encased a real person in his cast; for 46 days one of Matisse’s paintings was hung upside down in the Museum of Modern Art, New York…

And another thing…while President Johm Allen talks to the treasuer’s wife, the Chairman’s husband seems to be juggling kitchen utensils; Jackie Curtis is obviously impressed:


2014 AGM 2 cropped


Thanks to Geogg Gilham for the photos.




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5 Responses to AGM in disguise

  1. Excellent evening thank you Ann. We now have the start of a Facebook Page so please members start joining in. To set up a group you have to have members so we have gone international already with my artist buddies from Cyprus

  2. Go into Facebook and type – Chandos Art Society – we need to notify members so they can join and we can add some extra admin members too. Plus I need info to put on the site. Hey we are making a great start

    • anne farmer says:

      Well done for being so quick off the mark, Carole. International already – just fancy!
      I’ll invite those not yet following the blog to do so (again!) and tell them about the Facebook page

  3. Richard J G Field says:

    Thanks to you Anne from Jacqui and myself for a warm friendly very Bridgwatery evening with fun quizzes and lovely lovely cooking. R

    Sent from my iPad


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