2014 Bridgwater Art Challenge

This year’s challenge, for once, was how to stay cool, rather than how to stay dry. So there were several of us rustling in the reeds down by the River Parrettwith its handy walls down both its banks:

DSCF5344 resized


The days was bright and sunny and our intrepid artists set off puposefully, including the ‘Middleton sisters’:

DSCF5316 cropped and resized

And Jackie Curtis, who obviously had Big Ideas:

DSCF5313 resized


DSCF5330 cropped


Poor Ken Church had to stay behind to man the Arts Centre, but found a pleasant spot in the garden:

DSCF5337 cropped and resized

DSCF5343 cropped and resized


Richard Welch astounded us all again by producing three beautiful paintings – here’s one.

Finally, back at The Arts Centre, we had tea, cake, and a discussion of a good day’s painting. Since some participants hadn’t been able to make it back, and we’ve got the Watchet and Cheddar days to come, we decided to make the Lane- Hammett prize for artists’ choice a feature of our September exhibition, which will show the fruits of all three days out. Though we can’t guarantee a continuation of the weather! Thank you all participants, and the inhabitants of Bridgwater who as ever were welcoming, chatty and Ā appreciative!

DSCF5347 cropped


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