Trains and boats and painters at Watchet

The crashing thunder and flashing lightning in the early hours of Saturday didn’t promise well for our outing to Watchet. A select group remained undeterred however, and in the end, after a dull start, the sun shone gloriously down on us.

We began by dropping in on the ‘Corner Collection’, a craft shop where Geoff Gilham sells paintings. Then we went to the other end of the prom to tale a look at Contains Art, where Alison Jacobs currently has an exhibition of exciting, lively work.

DSCF5617 croppedDSCF5619 resized

This proved inspirational as many of Alison’s subjects were very close at hand.

There was an inexhautible supply of boat scenes (popular with us all):

DSCF5625 resized


And of couse they were mainly stationary. If you were quick you could have done trains as well, thanks to the proximity of the West Soomerset Railway line:


We had a welcome visit from Hanna  and John Lott ( And Dog):DSCF5649 cropped

Our exploits, as ever, attracted some attention:

DSCF5670 cropped DSCF5671 cropped and resizedDSCF5667

To be honest, the  large piece of carrot cake next to Jackie’s palette may have held more interest for a couple of the onlookers!

Watchet was a big hit with us all. There was so much to see, plenty of space, convenient car parking and no shortage of refreshment possibilities. DSCF5673 resizedDSCF5639 resized.

Thanks to Geoff Gilham for suggesting it!

So that was the second of our ‘en plein air’ excursions which are aimed at inspiring work for our ‘Come Outside’ Exhibition in Bridgwater Arts Centre., opening with the preview and prizegiving on Wednesday 3rd September at 6pm.

Next stop (16th August): Cheddar!


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