Gorge-ous Day at Cheddar

I’m a week late posting because it was last Saturday that we enjoyed the third and last painting day out. We had a great day and I need to make a special mention of Chris and Woody White who provided coffee, cake and a taxi service to and from the sights of Cheddar.

It was heaving in the village and pretty busy in the gorge itself, with cyclists, motorists, walkers, climbers, sightseers in the open-topped bus, sheep, goats and of course artists.

DSCF6050 cropped and resized

DSCF6054 resized

DSCF6057 resized

DSCF6067 resized

DSCF6080 cropped


Now all we have to do is work up all those sketches and scribbles…and I’m sure our exhibition ‘Come Outside’ at Bridgwater Arts Centre 3-27 September will be a feast of ‘en plein air’ work, showing town (Bridgwater), coast (Watchet) and country (Cheddar).

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1 Response to Gorge-ous Day at Cheddar

  1. Terri Atkins says:

    Looking forward to seeing the results 🙂

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