Come Outside – an artist’s view from my guest writer Jackie Curtis

On the eve of our Come Outside preview, I wanted to show some extracts of a wonderful narrative of the painting days from Jackie Curtis:


Watchet Painting Day

‘It was a grey morning when we set off for Watchet with drizzle hanging in the air and the threat of heavier rain. I therefore planned to do lots of sketching and quick watercolours, to work up later, rather than attempt anything too big that could be interrupted by rain. I also wanted to get a feel for Watchet and the opportunities in the town as I had visited frequently but never painted there. (As an aside – there is some fantastic lemon drizzle cake in Watchet…

Gulls – When we first arrived, the beach at the foot of the headland was covered in black headed gulls and I was able to get some great photos. It has been an idea that I’ve had for a while to do a print of birds camouflaged into their background. I worked up some sketches from the photographs and created the lino cut in the weeks following our visit…


Vita – I do love boats – this old ferry boat ‘Vita’ was in Watchet Harbour and just had to be drawn. I sketched it first and then painted it in watercolour. There was a guy selling raffle tickets who stopped for a chat and a group of school children  were given a treasure hunt type task to explore Watchet – which was quite amusing to listen to!



Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge was a magnificent venue with the steep cliff towering high. Woody and his wife made us so welcome – woody talked to us about the different venues and ferried us to and from the gorge making our life so easy…

I did a few sketches on the day – trying to capture the power and stature of the cliffs…

I was also lucky enough to get some photographs of buzzards that I later worked up in to a monoprint…’


Thank you to Anne for organising everything – it makes a real difference to paint with others, you get new ideas, fresh perspectives and great encouragement!

Thank you Jackie, for this great contribution!

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2 Responses to Come Outside – an artist’s view from my guest writer Jackie Curtis

  1. Geoff says:

    Just love Jackie’s linocut of Gulls …!


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