Looking back…looking forward

As we’re on the verge of beginning our Society’s 2015 programme, it seems a good time to hve a quick glance through last years calendar: we began with an evening at the Bar (nothing legal though) at the Arts Centre. Undortunately we chose the night when the flood waters engulfed several villages locally and gave concern to most of the residents of Somerset. So it was a select few who repaired to the Green Olive on the waterfront, just restored after the previous year’s flood!

Our next event was better supported, fortunately. Our annual lecture was an inspiring talk by estuary artist Ray Balkwill and our exhibition had a collourful mix of media and approach:

2014-02-10 Spring Exhibition poster DSCF4717 resized



We managed, the following month, to attract record numbers for the AGM by going the extra mile and combining it with an Artistic Soiree.

Then we were into full swing with our ‘en plein air’ painting days, beginning at Watchet where we saw trains as well as boats (although no planes).


DSCF5639 resized DSCF5673 resized DSCF5653 DSCF5625 resized boat2


WE were delighted to be visited by longtime member Hanna lot, with husband and dog. I’m publishing this picture as a tribute because Hanna died last week, a great shock and sadness to many members:

DSCF5649 cropped

The second part of the event was at Bridgwater, as ever:


2014-05-31 Art Challenge  poster resizrd

DSCF5344 resized DSCF5337 cropped and resized DSCF5343 cropped and resized DSCF5347 croppedDSCF5313 resized


Finally we were off to Cheddar, and the three days resulted in our September Exhibition ‘Come outside!’

DSCF6050 cropped and resized DSCF6054 resized DSCF6196 cropped DSCF6057 resized


For the second year Pat Preater (pictured) was the winner of the John Allen Prize, which was judged by Nick Cotton from the Lunda Cotton Gallery in Watchet.

Our last event was a sociable Christmas lunch where we were honoured to greet Jack Fieldhouse and Ken Grieg, two venerable founder members of the Society.

So now, on with the New: we are having another shot at a convivial evening of conversation, critique and…oh something else beginning with ‘C’: companionship!

We invite members and their guests to share a picture of their own, or someone else, an opinion, an idea, a ‘top tip’: anything our butterfly minds can alight on for a few minutes. So it’s the Bar at Bridgwater Arts Centre on Wednesday February 11th and quite probably afterwards at The Green Olive again.

For the moment a technological lack of expertise prevents me from publishing the entire programme, but I’ll be on it soon!


Happy New Year!

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