COME OUTSIDE. A members view


Drovers Lane – Bawdrip

by Jackie Curtis

Jackie 2 006

It was a wet Sunday for the ‘Come Outside’ Sedgemoor day, but there was a warm welcome and a good supply of tea and coffee in Bawdrip village hall. It is my village that I walk around most days, so unsurprisingly I knew where I wanted to go. I chose one of the old Drovers lanes, where I could get some cover and be able to stay reasonably dry. The lane it’s self is dark and mysterious, but with lovely gnarled trees and deep banks. It was quite eerie sitting there, listening to the rain falling on the canopy of leaves, wondering what that lane had seen over the years.

My plan was to actually try and cut two lino blocks – in situ – en plein air! I started by sketching the scene and then followed that with a quick colour sketch. I had tracing paper and carbon paper with me so transferred the design to my two blocks which I started cutting adding details from the scene in front of me.

I needed to take a lot more out of the blocks when I got home. The problem of course is that if I took a straight print from the blocks the image would be in reverse. I actually printed onto some Rhenalon sheets and then printed from them; so in effect it’s a ghost print – an impression from the original plate

JCurtisOld Lane



My other Sedgemoor picture did not come from the day. Kingfishers can often be seen along Kings Sedgemoor Drain and my Monoprint was produced from photos I have been lucky enough to get along the Drain.

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